About Future Continuous

Renowned and in-demand speaker Tony Gething established Future Continuous. The company provides organizations, ranging from small, medium, large, to innovative start-ups, a consultancy and event speaker services.

The three consultancy services include Strategic Planning, Scenario Planning, and Change Management. Strategic planning strategizes your success, scenario planning prepares you for setbacks, and change management facilitates your transition into the future.

Our Expert Strategy Speaker Tony Gething and Our Skilled Online Consultants Help Organizations for the Unforeseeable Future

Tony Gething takes the lead with more than 30 years of experience in strategic planning and organizational management. His speaking engagements take him all over the world. His previous clients include Ford Motor Company and DHL.

He is one of the Best Freelance Public Speaker for online events. Clients can consult with him regarding their organization and hire him as an event speaker to discuss the advances in Artificial Intelligence and how it affects the organization’s survival in a technology-dependent world.

He has served as a high-level advisor to over 20 different governments and has helped Europe’s latest independent country Kosovo develop an effective strategy between 2007 and 2009.

You Can Trust Tony as Your Guide and Advisor Because He Has the Qualifications to Take Your Organization to New Heights


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