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Do You Want an Event Speaker Who Can Cover a Wide Range of Topics related to Artificial Intelligence?

Our Artificial Intelligence guest speaker has a vast knowledge of the Internet of Things (IoT), future trends, machine learning, robotics, fintech, Natural Language Processing, deep learning, computer vision, and more.

Rapid technological advancements have shaken up companies and businesses of all sizes. The inability to adapt to the changing times can leave them in a state of disarray followed by unsuccessful endeavors, profit loss, and closure.

The “late tech adopters,” as they’re called, don’t want to adopt the technology due to their reluctance to change. Although some are slow to adapt to change due to the risks involved, the strategy is not to take too long to adopt the technology. Otherwise, in the race to become leaders in their industry, they’ll fall behind.

Artificial intelligence speaker Tony Gething

If Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Alibaba Recognized the Power of Technology, What’s Causing You to Realize Its Potential?

Although Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and the late Steve Jobs are in a category of their own, our experienced event speaker Tony Gething can teach you to read the signals around you. He’ll also teach you how to position your company and career to flourish in a world where technology and market trends have cemented their place.

Tony Gething— A Perceptive Personality with Vast Knowledge and Experience

Tony Gething has taken the stage as a speaker, sharing his wisdom and intelligence with small to medium-sized businesses, organizations, and even start-ups. Currently, he’s working as a top-level advisor to the European Union and the Government of Jordan.

His responsibilities include strategizing, planning, delivery, and execution of core priorities. He continues to make waves with his talks at events. His previous and current clients include contemporary leaders and visionaries, and now, you!

Stop Living in the Past, Escape the Present, and Transport Into the Future

Hire Tony for your next event. His humorous and informative take on AI, robotics, and other technological advancements will keep you engaged.

The Future Keeps Changing, But Are You Changing With It?


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