Strategic planning

Strategic planning determines vision, mission, core values, strategies, action plans, and strategic goals. Our focus:  Comprehensive Strategic Planning aligns organization, Market Studies showcase growth opportunities, Marketing Strategy generates a return of investment (ROI), and Leadership Development and Coaching helps achieve high performance.

The Secret behind Effective Strategic Planning Is Us

We work closely with your team to design a customized and agile approach to increase employee engagement and guide them in helping your organization meet its objectives and secure its future growth and viability.

Our methods are proven. We’ll devise a plan to support organizational objectives for maximum results by leveraging the views of important decision-makers within your organization, interviewing individual contributors, and initiating discussions with customers.

How We Plan

  • Research market conditions that influence growth and service demand
  • Review the organization’s state, performance gaps, and weak areas
  • Set service level targets to achieve customer satisfaction goals
  • Train employees and develop initiatives
  • Review the organization’s service and product offering portfolio
  • Recommend service tools and systems for improved productivity and efficiency
  • Develop a financial plan
  • And more

Scenario planning.

Scenario planning provides your organization with ingenious insight on the future of business environments and how they can evolve and choose different directions. Scenario planning explores alternative futures that can emerge later and help you create a long-term plan to avoid surprises and promote seamless transition when it materializes.

Planning Today Makes for a Better and Prosperous Future

Organizations need to recognize and address the probability of future uncertainty, as failure can cost them their position in an increasingly competitive market. Consumer trends, market conditions, global security concerns, competitor actions, and the economy can jeopardize an organization’s future.

We prepare your organization for numerous situations that could arise using a broader and realistic approach that examines present and future market conditions. We then create a plan to prepare you to confront and handle them both confidently.

How We Plan

  • Recognize and list new KPIs and associated important business drivers
  • Employ an effective, robust scenario plan and perform stress testing
  • Combine predication and corporate finance experience

Change management

Change management guides how organizations prepare, equip, and support employees to adopt the change to drive organizational success and results. Organizations can implement two types of changes, Incremental Change and Transformative Change.

  • Incremental change is based on your organization’s present state. It improves the current methods used to perform several key roles within the organization.
  • Transformative change is based on your organization’s future state. It’s a vision of where your organization could be compared to where it is presently. It focuses on shaping behavior and changing organizational culture.

Our Change Management Plan Can Reshape Your Organization to Guarantee Success

We’ll create a change management plan consisting of processes and tools for managing the change among your employees or end-users. Your employees or end-users decide the success of your project. The change management plan includes:

  • Sponsorship Roadmap
  • Communication Plan
  • Resistance Management Plan
  • Coaching Plan
  • Training Plan

How We Plan

  • Provide a case for implementing change
  • Promote communication
  • Manage implementation barriers
  • Handle resistance
  • Show progress
  • Provide reinforcement

Artificial intelligence speaker Tony Gething

Tony Gething is currently a top level advisor to the European Union and the Government of Jordan on planning and development, and is also working alongside today’s leaders and visionaries helping them to explore crucial answers to today’s big questions and build futureproof companies – maybe even the Apple and Microsoft of tomorrow. Whichever path you take, it all starts with a vision.

The role of technology, robots, transhumanism and artificial Intelligence are rarely absent from today’s discussions, and their role in transforming our lives and World are both fascinating and for many, somewhat frightening – as is the case with most change. Tony is in demand at company events and as an artificial intelligence organisation speaker with his humorous, yet informative, take on how are lives are likely to look and feel in the not so distant future.

You can book Tony to speak at your next corporate event by contacting us using the details listed on this page. Alternatively you can purchase tickets to his next event here.

Future Continuous Can Make Your Future Brighter

Our strategy consultant speaker Tony Gething and our scenario planning and change management online consultants can prepare your organization to embrace greatness and eternal success. Come see Tony at his next event here.


Everybody has a plan…until they get punched in the face

Mike Tyson, Former heavyweight boxing champion of the World